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"Very impressive. The contributions of these men and women are noteworthy and deserve to be read and available to all persons who are interested and want to learn from them."

The Hon. Graydon Nicholas, Chancellor and Endowed Chair in Native Studies, St. Thomas University, and Former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

The Gatherings is a work of love. Love isn't always pretty or easy and it can only take hold and be effective if there is truth, commitment, and honesty. The authors and participants lead with love and the result is something we can all learn and grow from no matter our background or perspective.”

Maulian Dana, Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador and Wabanaki Alliance Board President 

The Gatherings offers an uplifting and honest look into the challenging work of ‘sitting together’ after all that has transpired. Many authors describe pushing through their first impressions and preconceived notions only to find common ground and joy in new understandings. I am grateful to Shirley N. Hager and to Mawopiyane for choosing compassion over judgement thirty years ago – and for guiding us all toward the same choice today.” 

Natasha Cecelia Simon, Nihkanatpat (Director), Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre, University of New Brunswick

"The Gatherings is a reflection of our way and who we are collectively as a people, family, community. We share who we are as brothers and sisters. The Gatherings offers encouragement and guidance as to how we are to be with our family, community and people. Kcitpit woli pemosawogan, skijinawe wolumsitwawogan, skijinawe imiawokan. Koselmolpa." 

Darrell Newell, former Vice-Chief, Passamaquoddy Tribe at Motahkmikuk/Indian Township, Maine 

"I felt so much gratitude for each participant, opening themselves to let strangers in."

Beth Clifford, Curriculum Coordinator, Maine Indian Education

"Thoughtful, moving, and deeply inspiring, The Gatherings shares both important context for current Indigenous-settler relations, but also tangible ways we might deepen our mutual understanding and repair essential relationships. Months after reading the book I am still moved by the vulnerability and honesty of the contributors."

Willow J. Anderson, Founder

Social Fabric Institute Inc.

"In documenting the Gatherings and sharing this book, Shirley Hager and Mawopiyane have opened their circle and invited us in. We all, as individuals and as communities, are the richer for this gift. The wonderings, missteps, and joys that are celebrated in these stories illuminate the pain of Indigenous-settler relations.They also show a way toward healing...However you come to The Gatherings, arrive to the circle ready to be vulnerable and honest, shaken and changed. You will be in good company."

Rev. Lisa Steele-Maley, Dean
ChIME (Chaplaincy Institute of Maine)

The Gatherings calls me back to the deepest roots of my own faith tradition. Several times it brought me to tears. There is deep healing here, and truth, and an even deeper love.” 

Noah Merrill, Secretary, New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

"The Gatherings is a must-read for those seeking an ethical and moral way forward toward repair and equity that avoids the dangerous pitfalls of white saviorism, cultural appropriation, and cheap grace.   Those who participated in the Gatherings and write of them in this book provide a beacon of hope that points the way through truth-telling to deep respect and authentic relationships of trust." 

Rev. Jane Field, Executive Director, Maine Council of Churches