In a world that requires knowledge and wisdom to address developing crises around us, "The Gatherings" shows how Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples can come together to create meaningful and lasting relationships that benefit us all.

Thirty years ago, in Wabanaki territory – a region encompassing the state of Maine and the Canadian Maritimes – a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals came together to explore some of the most pressing questions at the heart of Truth and Healing efforts in the United States and Canada. Meeting over several years in long-weekend gatherings, in a Wabanaki-led traditional Council format, assumptions were challenged, perspectives upended, and stereotypes shattered. Alliances and friendships were formed that endure to this day.

The Gatherings tells the moving story of these meetings in the words of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants. Reuniting to reflect on how their lives were changed by their experiences and how they continue to be impacted by them, the participants share the valuable lessons they learned and the actions they were motivated to take as a result. 

The many voices represented in The Gatherings offer insights and strategies that can inform change at the individual, group, and systems levels. 

"This book brings together voices and perspectives, rarely shared so openly and bluntly, on the long road and commitment needed to cultivate understanding across cultures, and particularly across Native/non-Native communities." 

Holly Wilkinson, Executive Director, WholeHeart, Inc.